Parent Partnership

At KLA, the students are compelled to serve in their community. We give learners opportunities to serve in many different areas where they choose. Those places include; farms, nursing homes, ALF's, Homeless ministries, etc., We build community-minded individuals who are community driven


We believe that God has called parents to be a constant in their child's life. It is our marching order to see families restored and parents involved in their children's life from day one. 

Community Driven

Kingdom Life Academy  is a private Christian academy that places a strong emphasis on Life skills, Arts, and Education. Offering a self-paced academic program, our core belief is to have all students learn at their level which will allow each one the right to learn and grow in a Christ-centered environment. At the heart of Kingdom Life Academy is a Christ-centered community of people, who are committed to providing every student with not only an exceptional educational experience, but also hands-on opportunities for spiritual growth, performing arts, and life skills needed for a successful future. 

Kingdom Life Academy invites a strong atmosphere of Spirit-led worship where children are commissioned to discover their God-given talents through the art of worship. We commission our learners to rise up as leaders and use their gifts to empower the kingdom and the people of our community. 

Our school provides students with the opportunity to serve in outreach, attend chapel, and lead worship.  We focus on creative thinking, problem solving, and leadership skills enabling students to advance God's kingdom through life skills, arts, and education. 




Students in all grade levels have the opportunity to participate in music, dance, and theater training to express their God-given talents. Our dance, music, and theater classes are taught on campus by industry talented teachers. 


Kingdom Life Academy recognizes that young people need to be disciplined and educated in the ways of Jesus Christ. Our goal is to disciple children K-12 grade to learn all the necessary skills to be a powerhouse for the Kingdom of Heaven. 

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